Health & Wellness in the Workplace

Health & Wellness in the Workplace

The importance of health and wellness within the workplace has increased tremendously in the last few years, with mental health taking the forefront as of late. Health and wellness initiatives can be as simple as encouraging employees to take their breaks during work, to something more elaborate and complex like creating a fitness facility right in the workplace.  Here are some suggestions and ways you can promote health and wellness in your workplace:

1) Implement policies and procedures around health and wellness. This can be establishing clear policies around the use of drug, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use to violence and harassment prevention in order to promote a healthy workplace culture. 

2) Create a safe workplace and environment by using ergonomic workstations and practices to having an emergency plan in place or making PPE available where required to ensure employees feel safe and prepared while at work. 

3) Create a wellness committee that helps to organize wellness initiatives and share resources such as recipes, tips on healthy eating, quick exercises to do during the workday or outside of work, and ways to practice mindfulness and get rest. 

4) Host workplace wellness events (this can be done virtually and is still fun!) such as seminars, workshops or activities or team and group challenges to get employees engaged and involved. 

5) Provide resources for employees such as family assistance programs or, if you're a small business, create a list of resources that you can offer your employees to support them. 

6) Implement flexible work arrangements to encourage work-life balance or explore alternative working arrangements to accommodate employees. 

Need more resources? Check out The Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety for great information on how to create and implement health and wellness programs and initiatives in the workplace.

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